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Dubai; End of Season Holiday 13th-21st of October.

Many people often ask me-what do you do for fun? I appear to be a very serious person so I read this question as- you seem to be a little boring!

The thing is, I am a very serious person especially during the race season and when talking business. But, I do have my fair share of fun! I’ll tell you in a minute what I do for fun but first….

While I was competing at the Commonwealth Games my mother who lives in Dubai was very sick. My step father David was there at the hospital everyday and while mum’s condition was not improving after one week in hospital, I was told she might not make it through… but once again, the tough cookie survived another scary battle.

When I arrived in Dubai a couple of days after the Commonwealth Games mum was released from Hospital and only needed to return for half days. The first thing I did with Mum was sat down and watched the end of the Commonwealth Games race on YouTube.

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