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My EBC Near Death Experience

Resting on the way back to our lodge after reaching EBC!

Two days ago I reached Mount Everest Base Camp with relative ease and then, some hours later, I literally nearly lost my life. I honestly thought it was over and interestingly; I had only positive thoughts about the wonderful life I have lived.

I’ve decided to share my near death experience with you, as accurately and honestly as I can – with the ambition to share a heroic story about two strangers, fighting harder than I was even willing to fight – to save my life.

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Mount Everest Base Camp – Conquered!

Gorakshep – BASE CAMP – Gorakshep: 6.28km.

Starting Altitude: 5,190m.

Finishing Altitude: 5,394m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 222m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 2hr31min

Average Heart Rate: 137 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 164 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 55%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 37%

WOW! I just conquered Everest Base Camp!

What can I say? I’m proud to have made it to Mount Everest Base Camp! Was it easy, well no…. but also, it wasn’t as demanding as I thought it would be! There were many days I felt we should keep trekking – as we were often done by 1pm and apart from the chest infection, I felt strong!

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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Day Ten Trekking: Monday 5th November.


Lobuche to Gorakshep: 4,65km

Starting Altitude: 5,070m.

Finishing Altitude: 5,190m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 290m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 1hr47min

Average Heart Rate: 94 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 123 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 57%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 55%

AFTERNOON: We attempt to reach BASE CAMP!

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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Day Nine Trekking: Sunday 4th November.

Dzongla to Lobuche: 6.57km

Starting Altitude: 4,994m.

Finishing Altitude: 5,070m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 287m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 2hr12min

Average Heart Rate: 104 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 149 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 75%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 66%

I had another rough night – not able to sleep (probably due to altitude) and coughing up green phlegm with serious chest pain again. It was the coldest night we have experienced yet and whilst my body was super warm in my ‘The North Face Summit’ sleeping bag (handling -29 degrees), breathing the cold air was not good for my chest. I was also not able to stay hydrated – as the bottled water I had purchased had turned to ice. It was -5 degrees.

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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Feeling it after two hours of freezing!

Day Eight Trekking: Saturday 3rd November.

Thagnak to Dzongla: 9.5km

Starting Altitude: 4,692m.

Finishing Altitude: 4,994m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 751m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 4hr15min

Average Heart Rate: 95 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 151 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 72%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 75%

What a crazy day!

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