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Day 27 – Simulating Summit Day

Day Twenty Seven: 06/03/23

Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm

Blood Saturation: 92

Long day today, 1000m elevation and 1000m descent. This is probably the closest I’ve been to simulating summit day. Obviously, I’ll have all the elements to battle up there, residual fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, lack of recovery, losing energy to the freezing temperatures, struggling to move without oxygen, crazy emotions and, feeling dirty without a shower or change of clothes for days or weeks!

8:32am: Snow Hike

Distance: 12.54km

Elapsed Time: 5hr15

Total Ascent: 1058m

Total Descent: 1048m

Average HR: 153bpm

Max HR: 183bpm

Calories: 1889 cal



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