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Day 22 – Snow Skiing (day 1)

Day Twenty Two: 01/03/23

Resting Heart Rate: 85bpm

Blood Saturation: 94

I went snow skiing today! I wanted to exercise but do something different. I’ve not skied for many years however it came back to me quickly and I really enjoyed it. I’d like to try those ski’s where the heels lift so you can go off track exploring up and down hill instead of just going downhill and jumping on another lift.

There are plenty of different slopes here to explore in Livigno. I think I’d enjoy the endurance style of skiing. My quads and shin muscles were screaming after the first run but by the second run I had relaxed a little and corrected my style. It felt more natural and not as intense. I think we were already doing sections of black runs where I had to concentrate however for the most part, I was just enjoying my time on the snow.

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