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Day 19 – Livigno

Day Nineteen: 26/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm

Blood Saturation: 92

This morning I felt a lot of residual fatigue so I had decided to give my body a rest however, my brother wanted to go quad bike riding and you know what that means? RACE. I already had very sore muscles between my shoulder blades so even though I knew my arms, shoulders and back would get a work-out…. I justified it by thinking my legs would still get a bit of recovery. Um no. In order to maintain speed and traction on the ice/snow, a lot of body weight shifting is required so, on the very tight circuit, it felt like squat after squat, using my quads to raise and transfer my weight. OUCH. My body was completely fatigued after a 30min circuit race. Arm pump, burning quads and a sore thumb muscle. Did I mention it was minus 13 degrees and snowing?

We went for lunch afterwards and I was super fatigued. I felt frustration, tension and anger building up inside me. Although I had enjoyed a very thrilling, adrenaline pumping morning, I was angry at myself for not taking the day to recover and catch up on computer work.

Computer work and relaxation tomorrow, then, ramp up the training again. I’ve also just realised that I’m not doing near enough to replicate the efforts needed each day (back to back) on Everest so, I’m getting nervous. I know I can’t rush it but the clock is ticking, I’m running out of days. It’s a tight timeline to reach optimal fitness, I can’t rush it and I can’t get lazy – everything needs to progress perfectly to achieve such a feat.


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