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Day 1 – Livigno

Late on the 7th of February I arrived in Livigno for my final Everest Summit attempt preparation – My Everest Summit attempt is scheduled for April/May this year! That’s right, it takes two months on the mountain (acclimatising to the altitude) before the average person can make a push for the summit.


I’m starting my last six week training block from zero fitness. On the 9th of November last year I had an abseiling accident where I couldn’t stop my free fall, the speed of my fall kept increasing until I hit the bottom. I completely crushed my right ankle. I have not been able to weight bear on it until now. It’s still quite sore when I walk and at rest however the doctors and specialists say it’s safe to start training if I can bare the pain and it’s no longer dangerous or going to cause any further injury by using it.  

Whilst I absolutely loved my last training blocks in the mountains surrounding Chamonix, I chose Livigno this time. I’ve been coming to Livigno since 1998 for my yearly cycling altitude training blocks and know the area well. Actually, I don’t know the mountaineering climbs at all however I do know the village; pools, gyms, running tracks, hotel staff, shops and services etc. My ultimate goal here is to get used to climbing up and down steep mountain sections covered in snow. Of course I need to build up my general fitness too!

Day One: 08/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 75

Blood Saturation: 90

Even though the Livigno valley is only 1800m, I still experienced an uncomfortable first evening at altitude; dehydration, headache, sinus pain, restless sleep etc. I enjoyed a nice day in the sun and went for a 7km walk in my boots, with a backpack around the outskirts of the little village.


Exercise: Walk
Distance: 7km
Moving Time: 1hr26min
Elevation Gain: 131m
Average HR: 105bpm
Max HR: 159bpm

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