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Day 6 – Livigno

Day Six: 13/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 70bpm

Blood Saturation: 93

Finally, a good day! Yes, I still have a tiny bit of pain in my ankle however it’s only when I really think about it and focus on it. I’m a little out of practice when it comes to packing for a hike in the snow. After an hour of getting my bag and clothing right, I hit the slopes at 8:30am with my backpack, ice axe and crampons. I had no real intentions today except to explore and enjoy the nature while focusing a little on technique. My Garmin stats say the average temperature was -9 degrees!

It was a super enjoyable hike but quite demanding on the untrained muscles in the soft snow. I started with climbing, then went across the mountain and back down to the hotel, the walk directly down the mountain was probably the toughest as I was sinking into the snow, deeper than my knees – lots of energy required to lift the legs out of those deep snow step holes.

Back at the hotel I took a little nap, sorted some washing and just hoped the sun would dry my boots out. Fail.

In the afternoon I walked to the pool and swam 1km in between the Italian national team sessions finishing at 5pm and starting again at 6pm. The 2km walk home was insane. The sun was going down just after 6pm, it’s Monday evening, minus something degrees and everyone’s out shopping, drinking and partying. I had to dodge through crowds of people on slippery, icy roads to get back to my hotel.

Off to sleep now with a satisfactory amount of soreness in all of my muscles.

8:30am: Snow Hike

Distance: 5.81km

Moving Time: 1hr39min

Elevation Gain: 306m

Average HR: 137bpm

Max HR: 173bpm

4:30pm: 2km walk to pool on slippery icy roads.

5pm: Pool Swim

Distance: 1km50m

Moving Time: 23min34

Average HR: 148bpm

Max HR: 179bpm

6pm: 2km walk to hotel on slippery icy roads.


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