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Day 4 – Livigno

Day Four: 11/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 85bpm (very unfit and restless sleep after the ankle injection)

Blood Saturation: 94

Delwyn (Mum) & Wazza (Bro)

So, after my ankle joint injection last night I had a relaxing sightseeing day and spent some time with my family (Mother and Brother). We sang, we danced and enjoyed some nice food. We also checked out all the different ski slopes and chatted with some mountain guides about my training coming up. We also found the place where we can hire snow mobiles to cruise around a 20km circuit for a bit of fun. I would also like to break my training up a little later on with a Paraglide around Livigno.

Tomorrow I will try to spend some time in the pool and the gym and then maybe some rock climbing on the 70m outdoor artificial rock climbing wall or gentle snowboarding in the afternoon. I must let the pain in my ankle guide me through the next days.  






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