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Day 3 – Livigno

Day 3: 10/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 80

Blood Saturation: 92

Ok, I’m getting very frustrated. I’m at Livigno and jumping out of my skin, I wake up every morning to a gorgeous view of the snow covered mountains and just want to put my crampons on and see if I can reach the top – slowly. I want to activate the muscles I need for climbing Everest. I’m running out of days to build my very low level of fitness. I need to keep swimming to ensure my arms don’t fatigue while pulling myself up Mount Everest on the ropes with a jumar/ascender. On our last climb of Ama Dablam a lot of the men said their arms fatigued very quickly. I think my style of swimming (under    water stroke method) really helps the fitness in my arms so I better get back into that pool! The odds are against me at the moment. I’m starting to panic! Loads of trips, training, shopping and planning hours have gone into this challenge over the past 9 months – not to mention over half a million dollars spent and – I’m at idle with a bung foot, zero fitness and only 48 days until I start my attempt to summit Everest.


I couldn’t do much on my foot today as it’s already inflamed after 2 days of walking only 5-10km. I’m scheduled to have a second injection into the ankle joint this evening which means another few easy days.

ski fields in Livigno, Rochelle Gilmore with mum Delwyn

I walked to lunch with my Mum today which was very nice, we just sat and enjoyed the sun, views of the skiers and snowboarders while listening to a nice band playing at the hotel. I’m guessing the next days will be much of the same.

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