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Day 9 – Livigno

Day Nine: 16/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 72bpm

Blood Saturation: 92

Another active recovery day needed. Fair to say that I really over did it the first couple of days. I went from zero fitness to a green light…  the light really should have been flashing orange however I’ve never taken too much notice of the colour orange.

One thing I must remember to tell my guides and sherpa’s before my Everest attempt is that my mind is much stronger than my body!

My leg muscles where so tight again when I woke up – I knew what they needed, a PEDAL! So, before lunch I went on a mission to rent two fat tyre bikes. Mission accomplished. The next was to convince my brother Wazza to come exploring with me.

I was a little nervous to head out on the snow trails by myself as I’d never ridden on snow before. It took a little effort to convince my bro to sacrifice his snowboard in order to pedal circles with me however once we got going, I could see he was enjoying it! I LOVED it! We literally rode on the edge, narrow single trails on the edge of the soft snowy mountains – one wrong wobble and we’d be tumbling down the mountain side. We did have a few ‘offs’ while testing our skills with some very silly unachievable tricks on the snow…. Soft landings and lots of laughs.

It was a fun day out on two wheels!

8:30am: Snow Ride

Distance: 10.22km

Moving Time: 56min

Average HR: 118bpm

Max HR: 140bpm

Calories: 230

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