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Day 18 – Snow Hike

Day Eighteen: 25/02/23
Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm
Blood Saturation: 92

I got up early and climbed 500m elevation in -10 degrees. The temperatures here are dropping. I felt like I could keep climbing for 1000m elevation but I thought it was more important to keep activating my muscles on the descents – which I struggle with. My quads were burning and I went lactic and started to wobble towards the bottom, it’s quite dangerous on the super steep descents because I started to lose my balance and trip quite a bit – that could have ended badly as I didn’t have my ice axe and could have slid for 2-300m before hitting something.

I went out for a nice lunch, came back to the hotel and watched some Netflix – during this time my chest got tight and my throat was sore, I was worried I was getting sick however after dinner and an excruciating deep tissue massage, I concluded it must have been an allergic reaction to something.

11.30am: Snow Hike
Distance: 4.04km
Elevation Gain: 511m
Average HR: 97bpm
Max HR: 117bpm

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