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Australian Professional Cyclist

Day 17 – Livigno

Day Seventeen: 24/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm

Blood Saturation: 93

I woke up with a plan to hike up the slopes this morning however, after taking my washing to a laundry mat, being distracted by some cool sports stores and taking my boots in for repair… it had started to snow and the day had gotten away from me! I decided to sit in a nice café, drink a hot chocolate and be social. I normally feel guilty for skipping a day of training however today – I didn’t. I was super relaxed. After lunch I punched out some emails and then went to a late meeting with a potential sponsor…. returned to have some dinner, collect my washing, shower and jump into bed for an early night. Motivated to have a nice hike in below zero temperatures tomorrow.

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