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Day 16 – Pushing Limits

Day Sixteen: 23/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 65bpm

Blood Saturation: 92

Today I went out for a more solid snow hike from the bottom of the Carosello 3000 lift to the top, lots of very steep sections. My ambition was not to take any small stops when my legs started to burn, I achieved that. My backpack was a little heavier as I took extra clothes, it had been scheduled to snow in the afternoon. Whilst we didn’t get any snow, I was watching some dark clouds roll in as I was approaching the top. Once I was on a flatter section near the top, I managed to get my Dynafit puffer jacket out and on without actually stopping. My chest and hands were super cold but as soon as I got that jacket on, I started to warm up. It was only minus one however some lower temperatures are on the way.

11.30am: Snow Hike

Distance: 2.93km

Moving Time: 2hr16min

Elevation Gain: 836m

Average HR: 166bpm

Max HR: 180bpm

Calories: 1,102

5pm: 1hr Massage

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