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Day 13 – Livigno

Day Thirteen: 20/02/23
Resting Heart Rate: 83bpm
Blood Saturation: 93

On my 13th day of training here in Livigno I managed to climb 1000m of elevation – I’m quite satisfied with my climbing fitness. I woke up with blisters on my heels which means tomorrow’s climbing will be super painful, even with compeed plasters. Choosing the correct socks is super important – as well as making sure your boots and crampons are always super tight. Climbing crazy steep sections in the snow (with crampons) means you need to have a lot of ankle strength; my ankles seem to be holding up well. Apart from having super sore muscles, I feel most fatigue in my lower back and hip flexors – these will strengthen during my next (last) few weeks of preparation.

My lead guide for my Everest summit attempt is the famous climber – Nimsdai. He has advised me that I only need to climb 1000m elevation once a week however I translate that as minimum twice a week! Eventually I would like to be able to ascend 1000m and descend 1000m in the same session. I’ve previously been ascending 500m elevation and descending 500m in the same session.

As you can see below, something is going on (wrong) with my Garmin. It’s saying my moving time was only 2hrs, 3min however I was on the mountain for a lot longer than that. I have checked that the auto start/stop is turned off, so if you have any advice, please let me know. The other stats look accurate.

11am: Snow Hike
Distance: 6.28km
Moving Time: 2hr3min
Elevation Gain: 1000m
Average HR: 151bpm
Max HR: 178bpm
Calories: 1,202

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