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Day 18 – Snow Hike

Day Eighteen: 25/02/23
Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm
Blood Saturation: 92

I got up early and climbed 500m elevation in -10 degrees. The temperatures here are dropping. I felt like I could keep climbing for 1000m elevation but I thought it was more important to keep activating my muscles on the descents – which I struggle with. My quads were burning and I went lactic and started to wobble towards the bottom, it’s quite dangerous on the super steep descents because I started to lose my balance and trip quite a bit – that could have ended badly as I didn’t have my ice axe and could have slid for 2-300m before hitting something.

I went out for a nice lunch, came back to the hotel and watched some Netflix – during this time my chest got tight and my throat was sore, I was worried I was getting sick however after dinner and an excruciating deep tissue massage, I concluded it must have been an allergic reaction to something.

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Day 17 – Livigno

Day Seventeen: 24/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 80bpm

Blood Saturation: 93

I woke up with a plan to hike up the slopes this morning however, after taking my washing to a laundry mat, being distracted by some cool sports stores and taking my boots in for repair… it had started to snow and the day had gotten away from me! I decided to sit in a nice café, drink a hot chocolate and be social. I normally feel guilty for skipping a day of training however today – I didn’t. I was super relaxed. After lunch I punched out some emails and then went to a late meeting with a potential sponsor…. returned to have some dinner, collect my washing, shower and jump into bed for an early night. Motivated to have a nice hike in below zero temperatures tomorrow.

Day 16 – Pushing Limits

Day Sixteen: 23/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 65bpm

Blood Saturation: 92

Today I went out for a more solid snow hike from the bottom of the Carosello 3000 lift to the top, lots of very steep sections. My ambition was not to take any small stops when my legs started to burn, I achieved that. My backpack was a little heavier as I took extra clothes, it had been scheduled to snow in the afternoon. Whilst we didn’t get any snow, I was watching some dark clouds roll in as I was approaching the top. Once I was on a flatter section near the top, I managed to get my Dynafit puffer jacket out and on without actually stopping. My chest and hands were super cold but as soon as I got that jacket on, I started to warm up. It was only minus one however some lower temperatures are on the way.

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Day 15 – Reflection

Day Fifteen: 22/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 70bpm

Blood Saturation: 93

I’ve woken up feeling a little smashed. I had a very unsettled sleep. I’m still coming to grips with losing a close friend and constantly find myself thinking about his family. I don’t think there’s a minute during the day when I’m not thinking about this shocking loss, reflecting on all the goodness in this man and, feeling useless in terms of helping his family through such a traumatic period of their lives. I’m still feeling a mix of anger and sadness.

Day 14 – Livigno

Day Fourteen: 21/02/23

Resting Heart Rate: 74bpm

Blood Saturation: 94

Active recovery day today. I went ice karting with determination to beat my brother. Unfortunately, the warmer day had made the circuit extremely bumpy so in the end, it was about how much I was prepared to hurt/damage my body (getting airborne over the bumps) in order to win. Given I’m about half my brother’s weight, I should have been able to beat him however his understanding of how machines react/handle in different situations way exceeds my knowledge of motorsports. My accelerations and top end speeds were much better than his however his handling of the kart was much more impressive than mine. I just went flat foot out of the corners, often felt out of control sliding around and took the shortest, bumpiest lines in order to gain an advantage…. But all at the price of a seriously bruised buttocks and tailbone. My neck is sore too. I guess I feel that the body heals faster than a damaged ego or losing? I don’t even feel like I won, my brother was a MUCH better driver but I crossed the line first. I’m not proud of all the traits that come with being born to win. I still find myself trying to solve the mystery of what drives an athlete and WHY? It’s very complexed. We will dive deeply into that (was it worth it?) a little later.

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