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Blizzard Days

First Training Camp

I have a question for you; If you were on borrowed time, would you attempt your life-long dream? What would you sacrifice to achieve this goal? Are you willing to die having left anything undone? I can’t explain this urge, the desire to inspire and push my body and mind to the very limits. I believe everything I have worked so hard to achieve in life has led me to this very moment where I am about to risk it all to achieve my dream – to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest!

I have been a little hesitant to share my ambition to summit Mt Everest with my fans and followers until now. In all honesty, I’ve been nervous to fully commit and it’s not only for the reasons you might be thinking.

One of the challenges I am facing is acceptance from my family and friends. I completely and whole-heartedly understand why they do not want me to go ahead with this expedition given I nearly died trying to descend from Everest BASE Camp (5364m) in 2019. I do however feel I’ve learnt a lot from that experience and now able to meticulously prepare to successfully defeat this mountain I have unfinished business with.


First Training Camp

The air is thin

I actually didn’t realise that before even qualifying to attempt to summit Everest I need to;

-Pass two mountaineering courses; 2 x 2 weeks in Chamonix (one completed)

-Successfully summit La Gran Paradiso climb (4061m) Italy (about to commence)

-Successfully summit the Mont Blanc climb (4800m) France

-Successfully summit the Island Peak climb (6160m) Nepal

-Successfully summit the Aconcagua climb (6961m) South America

-Only then, I can attempt the ultimate, the Everest summit (8849m) Himalayas


I am confident I will reach optimal strength and endurance before April/May 2023!


First Training Camp

Kit looks cool

The other challenge is that I completely underestimated the cost and the careful planning required in preparation for this expedition. Flights, accommodation, insurance, private guides, clothing, boots, backpack, sleeping bags and all the necessary equipment; harness, carabiners, ropes, helmet, ice axe, crampons, walking poles etc…. I am about to sell up almost everything I own to achieve a life-long dream! It’s a current theme in my life; I left Australia when I was 16yrs old and moved across the world to attempt becoming a professional cyclist which was a success. Then, I went all in with my entire savings to try and create the most professional cycling team in the world which was a success. Now, I’m going ‘all in’ again to pursue my biggest goal yet with the additional aim to encourage others to dream big with no limits and believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to!

I can’t just float through life, I need challenges! Yes, at times I need to work to pay the bills & support my lifestyle, at times I need to go on a solo vacation and, at times I need to be around my family and friends. However, I nearly always need to be living on the edge. It’s just me – it’s in my DNA.

In conclusion, I ask myself, why do I want to risk my life? The answer for me is simple. Everything in life is a risk. Every time we hit the road on our bikes, our life is somewhat out of our control. Just hopping on a plane, we don’t know if that plane will land safely. Look at a surfer, they know the dangers and risks of being taken by a shark, yet a surfer will always

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

say ‘I know the risk, but I will die doing what I love’. YOU have one life and if YOU have a dream or a goal what is there to hold YOU back from living your best life…


During the next eight months I will mix up my climbing with a little cycling (can’t live without an occasional pedal). Regarding the future, I have some nice ideas about what I’ll do after next June however, for now, the only thing on my mind is survival, success and to inspire at least one person during this amazing adventure, I hope that person is you. Let’s do it!

If you have any experience in mountaineering and climbing, I’d love for you to give me advice and encouraging words of wisdom. This support would be greatly appreciated.


It’s not just about reaching the summit it’s also about the journey along the way in which I hope you will enjoy with me.

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