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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Day Ten Trekking: Monday 5th November.


Lobuche to Gorakshep: 4,65km

Starting Altitude: 5,070m.

Finishing Altitude: 5,190m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 290m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 1hr47min

Average Heart Rate: 94 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 123 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 57%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 55%

AFTERNOON: We attempt to reach BASE CAMP!

We had an early start this morning with 5am wake up call, two bowels of porridge and then we set off at 6am – for our morning trek from Lobuche to Gorakshep 4,65km.

Again, I absolutely froze on the first climbs until we hit the sun, fortunately the coach of the Tornadoes Team (Jacques Borlee) gave me some of his heat packs for my gloves – which helped a lot. It was again impossible to hydrate from my camelback as the water was too icy – until we got into the sun! The trail was stunning and now that we’re all starting to feel the altitude, we very much want and need those stops – which allows us to really take in our surroundings however – if the sun is super warm, we often close our eyes for 5 minutes!

My chest is still my biggest challenge, I can’t keep it warm as my sports-bra and undershirts get sweaty and wet and my chest remains cold… and then I cough, which is super painful.

In saying that, the thin air is becoming a real challenge for all of us! I doubt any of us have had a deep sleep (or any sleep) since being above 4000m.

I seem to be suffering the altitude more then others simply relating to the oxygen/saturation readings being so low, around 55% today. Others who are using the same device are getting levels around 70-80% I wonder if my chest infection influences it to go lower? I still feel as strong and fit as everyone/anyone else. I had to try to sleep sitting up last night – if I laid down flat, I’d just cough constantly.

In any case, many of us have started to do a few steps (when climbing up) and then stopping to take a rest and check out the 360 degree views. Wow, they’re stunning. Most of us here have trained our bodies for sprint training which means we would probably prefer to step up a little faster, and then stop 30sec recovery – than just taking long slow consistent step ups for 30 minutes.

The altitude is now over 5000m and we cant run up the rocks like we were at the start of this expedition. We’re all in conservative mode knowing we still have a big tough trek to BASE CAMP this afternoon and mega climb tomorrow morning – up to Kala Patar, the hightest peak of our expedition at 5,500m.

We’ve just completed our morning’s Trek to our accomodation – where we’re having a quick cup of tea and/or soup and then… the big one – our trek over to BASE CAMP and back.

I’m feeling very tired and fatigued and my chest is on fire! In saying that, I know now that I can and will make BASE CAMP this afternoon! What happens with my body after that, who knows!

All focus now is on having some soup, staying warm, packing the right kit and attempting to make it to Mount Everest BASE CAMP today!

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