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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Feeling it after two hours of freezing!

Day Eight Trekking: Saturday 3rd November.

Thagnak to Dzongla: 9.5km

Starting Altitude: 4,692m.

Finishing Altitude: 4,994m.

Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 751m.

Moving/Trekking Time: 4hr15min

Average Heart Rate: 95 bpm.

Max Heart Rate: 151 bpm.

Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 72%

Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 75%

What a crazy day!

I was up all night coughing up thick green phlegm and speaking with my doctor in Belgium about the big decision to start antibiotics or not. Taking antibiotics has some horrible side effects – which are even more exaggerated at 5000m altitude so, it’s a big decision. We’re quite certain I have a chest infection because of the green phlegm and…. the severe/sharp pain I experience when I cough.

We decided to see how today’s EPIC hike went before making a decision. (Still holding off).

So, I’ve now experienced two (actually 3) health related challenges since starting our Trek to Base Camp; Diarrhea, Constipation and a Chest Infection!

Next, my alarm didn’t go off at 5am and I didn’t get a wake up knock (and tea, as usual)…. or didn’t hear it. I had my awesome earplugs in and could faintly hear people moving about however I thought it must have been another group leaving earlier. Eventually I checked my phone at 5:30am and had a mad rush to get dressed, pack my sleeping bag up and eat my two bowls of porridge before leaving at 6am.

Our Trek started with a serious 2hr climb on the shady side of the mountain at 6am. I was wearing all of my warmest gear however it didn’t help. For two hours I was in survival mode, serious survival mode. I was absolutely freezing! I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes and my body was frozen. It’s not like more layers would help. Our guides NEVER let anyone go ahead of them as it’s easy to get lost however they could see I was in serious trouble so they said go…. go to the top and sit in the sun. I could see the sun shining on top of the mountain however I couldn’t push my body any harder due to the chest infection, the trek’s ahead of us and the altitude so, the guide had instructed me to swing my arms (just like swimming freestyle and backstroke) all the way up that 2hr climb – I was swinging my arms around like mad…. it wasn’t really helping. At one point I thought I had frostbite and was going to lose my fingers and toes however I quickly went into positive mode and said come on…. don’t be so dramatic…. Just keep going!! I’m going to have sore shoulders (and shoulder blades) in the morning!

Survival mode… men are activating heat patches inside my gloves.

I couldn’t drink from my camelback for the first two hours because the water with (ORS) was freezing cold and wouldn’t have done my chest any good.

The sun at the top was a huge help! Then, when the group arrived an angel offered me his heat packs – he had these heat packs that can go inside your gloves or shoes and they create heat for 12hrs. What a legend! I’d never heard of them but they saved me.

I’d made another huge rookie mistake. I’d watched some you-tube videos on today’s trek and noticed we would hike through a lot of snow so, I chose to wear my snow/ski trousers with long compression socks and Skins calf tights. The ski trousers seemed the best option as they have ankle covers for shoes, bib/brace with wetsuit material around the waist for warmth and they were waterproof however – they were

Rock climbing a lot today!

a disaster that made my day even more challenging! Firstly, the biggest issue is that they don’t stretch/flex and we spent most of the day climbing up big stones (one legged squats/step-ups) – my legs just wouldn’t lift, the trousers were way too restrictive! It was like having an extra force to fight with every single step up – extra resistance training! Secondly, I didn’t think about the fact that I’d have to take 4 top layers off in freezing cold temperatures (because of the bib and brace system) to go to the toilet and…. place my layers on the snow!!

Like I said, what a day!

Rest time!

I’m at the lodge now in the common room (much warmer than our freezing cold rooms) and I’ve had a big noodle lunch and hot chocolate! I’m about to go and wash my body well with baby-wipes, get into some clean sleeping kit and have a nap – and then I’ll come to dinner early to catch up with everyone and find out what’s on the itinerary for us tomorrow!

Apart from the VERY sore chesty cough, I think I’m pretty ok…. muscles/joints are getting tired (but not sore) and I’m only experiencing very mild altitude symptoms.

Hoping for some good recovery tonight! My body would have used loads of energy trying to get warm so, I should sleep well!

More tomorrow!

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