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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Day Five Trekking: Thursday 31st October. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Dole to Machhermo: 5.2km.
Starting Altitude: 4110m
Finishing Altitude: 4470m.
Elevation Gain (Not Difference): 453m.
Moving/Trekking Time: 1hr40min
Average Heart Rate: 93bpm.
Max Heart Rate: 150bpm.
Blood Saturation 1hr Pre Trek: 83%
Blood Saturation 1hr Post Trek: 78%

We’ve all calibrated our Garmin watches so we should have more accurate data from now on.

I’ve been trying not to nap in the afternoon’s as it’s always difficult to sleep at altitude so, I want to be really sure I can fall asleep after dinner and have a long deep sleep! I’m falling asleep ok but I’ve not yet had a ‘deep’ sleep and I’m waking up before 6am!

Tea-house stop to re-group…. had a great hot chocolate!

This morning I was really organized – packed up ready to go before breakfast however when the front group left, I was in the loo and just made it outside to tag onto the slowest of our walkers. Today’s trek went directly up a very steep hill so I spent the first 30 minutes passing a lot of people, chasing the front group. My heart rate was high (for Trekking) and I was breathing a lot! I really wanted to hike with the Tornadoes at the front because we had decided last night that we (the front group) wouldn’t have too many long stops (so we could avoid getting cold).

So, it was a solid start to the day however the track up and along to Machhermo settled down a bit and floated through the valley. We had nice weather however I was again climbing near the top in a jacket.

We had a few very short stops to take photos, videos and selfies however the day was

Just one final descent into the village where we’re staying tonight!

more about consistent slow trekking and to take in the views – and really ‘feel’ the emotions along the way.

The highlight of my Trek today was definitely the descent into our finish village, crossing a gorgeous river at the bottom, which was streaming off the mountains behind the cute little village.

Today’s tea-house is not bad, I had a ‘HOT’ shower and was able to re-charge my computer. Unfortunately they don’t do laundry here so I’m going to wear the same outer layers tomorrow that I wore today and save my warmer (fresh) kit for the bigger days after tomorrow – we still have 5 more days of tough trekking before reaching Base Camp at an altitude of 5,500m.


Sometimes we need to wait for the Yek’s to come down the track, they’re carrying grass to feed animals around the area.


Another quick selfie snap while pushing up a climb!

I’ve started to tear my tissues and wet-wipes in half because my supplies are getting low and whilst I think you can buy these type of things in most of the tea-houses – I’m running out of cash! I don’t imagine anywhere further up the mountain will take credit card – hopefully I’m wrong as I’d love to have a hot shower again (if it’s on offer) and…. get some laundry done!

Unfortunately I’ve also run out of Oral Re-Hydration Solution (ORS) too but, whilst the Sherpa’s and Guides said they don’t supply anything – they do have a secret stash – they’ve been feeding me one sachet per day yesterday and today and, hopefully for the next 5 days!

My body is holding up well; no sore feet or joints, sinus pain is easing off, muscles are a little tired but ok! The only thing I was worried about today was that my blood saturation was 83% this morning before leaving and 78% one hour after arriving at lunchtime. For now, I don’t have a headache or altitude symptoms so I’ll stay relaxed about that! I do need to try and stretch a bit tonight, just for active recovery so the muscles, tendons and joints don’t cease up!


I’ve been using my solar charger to charge my Garmin and I-phone each evening and when they’re at 100% charged, I turn them off. In the morning, they’ve lost charge…. apparently it’s from the cold temperatures and we shouldn’t leave them on the windowsill overnight. I’m carrying my solar charger on my backpack each day so it’s gaining enough charge during the day to re-charge the Garmin, Iphone, Airpods etc each evening.

Today was a very short day given we didn’t stop much so, I now have time to go and stretch a little before dinner. The rest of the team and crew are playing cards in the common room! We have some seriously tough days coming up so even though I’m feeling ok, I want to continue taking care of myself and getting as much recovery as possible.

Now that I’m actually on the Trek up to Mount Everest Base Camp, I don’t want to fail my attempt and, I know how quickly things can turn – relating to health and injury.



Nearly done for the day!! Always a nice feeling to see the village for the evening!

More tomorrow!

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