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Mount Everest Base Camp: Day by Day…..

Phakding to Namche (10.5km. Starting at 2610m, finishing at 3440m. 900m elevation gain)

Well as you’ll already know from my social media posts, I fell ill with diarrhea 30 minutes into day one of our trek to Mount Everest Base Camp! We originally thought I was just dehydrated however after 24hrs of rehydrating – things have not slowed down or hardened up!

Considering I was up all night – on the loo, shivering and shaking I didn’t feel too bad/weak today however, I spent a lot of time ‘going bush’ and used a lot of baby wipes! Can you believe I travelled to Nepal without Imodium? Rookie mistake!! Many of our group had brought Imodium to Nepal however they had all left it in their duffle bags which were with the Sherpa’s so, I just had to deal with it until arriving in Namche. I’ve now been to the pharmacy here and got myself some medications to manage this additional challenge.

The suspension bridges crossing the rivers were again the highlights of today’s trek for me however I also enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with the fittest guys of our group – the Belgian Tornadoes. Don’t get me wrong – they did power away from me at times, mostly on the steep stepping sections – which is like doing power lunges for up to 20 minutes consistently. Don’t forget they were 3rd at the World Champs in Doha (4 x 400m) just a couple of weeks ago so they’re in pretty good shape!

We saw some amazing scenery again today and a lot more snow-capped mountains – it’s

difficult to comprehend we’re still 8 days away from reaching the snow we can see!

Today was the first time in my life that I’ve ever had a thought (just a thought – not a goal or ambition) of one day attempting to

reach the ‘summit’ of Mount Everest….. crazy how our minds work – I’m still a long way from reaching Base Camp!

Coming into the town of Namche was absolutely gorgeous…. It blows me away how there can be so many shops up here with no roads/airports etc to stock the village of stores with product! We think we work hard – what an eye opener to see the Sherpa’s carrying so much weight up these mountains! Of course the Mules and Donkeys do a lot of the hard work too!


We’ve been fortunate enough to have another nice hotel here in Namche with hot showers and power outlets. We’ve all had to personally pay for the additional extras like; hot shower, towel, use of a blow dryer, power outlets (timed), water for clothes washing, wifi etc. In any case, we’ll take it while we can!

When I went looking for the pharmacy I also bought a cake of soap, razer, shampoo/conditioner, baby wipes and bottled water.

It’s time for dinner (7pm) and then I’m hoping to get a big deep sleep ahead of tomorrow’s epic climb – up we go!

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More tomorrow…..


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