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Post Giro d’Italia Recovery

Home: Transacqua,Trento. Northern Italy.



After crashing hard on stage two at the 2010 Giro d’Italia I was determined to fight hard and continue. I did question why I would consider throwing my leg over my bike when I couldn’t even dress myself or brush my own hair etc but for some reason, we do crazy things!

I was fortunate to crash the day before the TT so I was able to complete the 17km the following day.

The next day was a short flat 90km stage and to spite the 40 degree heat, the race was calm and I was able to finish again- 13th. That evening I couldn’t believe the pain I was in. My poor team mate Nimesha had to listen to me moan and groan all afternoon and evening.

The next morning I tried to ignore the feeling of throbbing wounds and restricted movement. I was able to sit on my bike but after just 10km into the race I pulled the pin, my director pulled up next to me in the team car and with disappointment I said- I just can’t do it. I appreciated the look on his face; it was a very caring and understanding look. I stopped and took my numbers off and rode the hilly 35km loop back to our Honda vehicles. Can you imagine the thoughts that were going through my head during that 35kms? In just one word it was serious- disappointment.

I was home that evening and after 2 nights at home I have realised that I really had no option. My body is working very hard to heal itself at complete rest; if I had expected my body to cope with the healing while racing I would have ended up back in hospital.

I’m hoping to be back on the bike this weekend, one week after the crash. If all goes well I won’t lose any fitness and I’ll return even stronger for next weekend’s UCI race in Cento Italy.

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