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Giro d’Italia 2010 – Stage 2

Post Race Stage 2

Stage Two: Sacile (TV) to Riese Pio X (TV). 130km.

Today’s stage was long, hot, and pretty boring until the final few kilometres. My SRM Power Control read an average temperature of 40 degree’s, it’s normally pretty accurate but the race car only read 35 degrees, anyway- it was hot!!

I felt much better during the last kilometres of days stage and I was positioned well and feeling comfortable with 1km to go. Unfortunately I locked handles bars with another rider who was fighting me for position and we came down, clearly we were being too aggressive and didn’t give each other enough space. We crashed at 60km/hr in the final sprint and
regrettably caused a little carnage; fortunately I was released from the hospital in the worst condition without any broken bones. Sharon Laws of Cervelo suffered a hairline fracture to her clavicle.

I spent the evening at the hospital having X-rays and scans on my neck and back. I’m very bruised and swollen with a lot of skin off. I’m embarrassed to admit that I cried, screamed, swore, kicked and dug my nails into the doctors this evening as they removed gravel from my wounds and scrubbed them clean without anaesthetic.

I’ll decide when I wake if I can start tomorrow’s stage, it’s only a 17km ITT so I have the opportunity to take it easy and see how I feel the next day.

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