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Giro d’Italia 2010 – Stage 4

Stage Four: Ficarolo (RO) to Lendinara (RO). 90km.

Before Start - Stage 4

As predicted, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck! Well I guess I was hit by some very fast moving bikes and riders! I can hardly turn my head (sore neck) and my lower back is  swollen and bruised- apart from that I’m just coping with the usual throbbing and burning wounds.

After a short discussion with my coach who is in Australia- Warren McDonald we decided I should start and see how I feel on the bike. I thought yeh yeh this is impossible and I had  visualised jumping off the bike and into the race car after 10km! I actually felt ok on the bike and rolled in for 13thplace. I positioned myself near the front (with some committed assistance from my team mates) but didn’t want to take any risks in the sprint in case of another fall.


Since cleaning my wounds again tonight I am in agony, I feel like a real wimp but I can’t walk without limping; my left leg doesn’t have much skin left on it and it’s feeling very hot and  heavy. I’ve had some good medical attention to insure that they don’t/didn’t get infected but perhaps it was inevitable in this heat!

My big ambitions are for the races in early October so it’s going to be very beneficial to complete this Giro d’Italia for training, it will give me a strong base leading into the end of the  season!

Will I be able to sleep tonight and will I be able to move tomorrow? I will take things day by day and make wise decision based on my current condition.

Finished another day

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