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Giro d’Italia 2010 – Stage 3

Stage Three: ITT. Caerano S. Marco (TV) to Biadene (TV). 16.9km.

TT Helmet

I woke up very stiff and sore today and also with a very bad headache after the high speed crash yesterday.

I’m lucky it was only an Individual Time Trial today and I could tolerate the pain for just 17km, the extreme heat made it a tough task! I didn’t push too hard on the pedals, I just took it very easy- I’m guessing I’d have the slowest time of the day.

It was nice to ride on roads that I knew very well. The ITT was near my home of 3 years- Montebelluna. A few kilometres after the start we passed one of my favourite bars, and then we swung past the factory/service course of my old team; Safi Pasta Zara. The circuit then took us through another small village where I had lived for one year- Cornuda, we rode passed my old local bank, then we did a little loop around town and rode passed Crocetta Del Montello and headed towards the finish near Montebulluna.

RMG Ramp

Yesterday we raced along the famous Montello (small mountain), today we race on the famous Montello’s (TT bikes) named after the small mountain in Treviso.

I will see how I feel when I wake tomorrow and then decide if I should start the 90km stage.

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