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Kathmandu – Ama Dablam

Sunday 23rd: Day One I landed at the Kathmandu airport expecting absolute chaos like the time I landed here years ago. No chaos this time; new easy to use machines for the 30-day Visa – they even took credit card for payment this time too. My two huge duffle bags were on the belt ready […]


Wake Up Call

Failure can be debilitating.  When Tadej Pogacar lost this year’s Tour De France, I wonder how long the disappointment and frustration lingered before he turned his attention and focus towards becoming unbeatable in his next feat? (BTW – I don’t personally consider his performance this year a ‘failure’.) Just to make that clear! For me, […]



  I have a question for you; If you were on borrowed time, would you attempt your life-long dream? What would you sacrifice to achieve this goal? Are you willing to die having left anything undone? I can’t explain this urge, the desire to inspire and push my body and mind to the very limits. […]


Why attempt to summit Everest?

“Because It Is There” George Mallory. Well for me, there are many more reasons why. I failed to descend from Base Camp back in 2019 due to pulmonary and cerebral edema. I am curious to know if my body can overcome these effects of high altitude. I have experienced many things in my life and […]


Everest Base Camp – Call Me Crazy!

I’ve always wondered how people can actually DIE while attempting to summit Mount Everest ‘BASE’ Camp! Well, now I know. If you missed the blog I wrote about my ‘near death experience’ after conquering Mount Everest Base Camp – you can find it here: My EBC Near Death Experience What happened to me after I […]


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